Equipment Maintenance


Keeping Your Business Running 24/7

In simple terms, electrical maintenance contracts are designed to keep your electrical services in peak condition. Regular maintenance visits can allow for spotting potential issues early and performing proactive checks to reduce the risks of needing an Emergency Call Out.

Every business is different, but maintaining the safe running of all electrical systems is vital for any business.

Electrical maintenance contracts can be tailored to provide a custom service according to the needs of your business and your unique situation, allowing you to have the reassurance that your electrical system is covered.

This can vary from quarterly visits to Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICR) every five years, depending on your business requirements.

The Benefits of Electrical Maintenance Contracts for Your Company

Electrical maintenance contracts offer a whole host of benefits for any company. The most obvious and arguably the most important is compliance.

By law, it is mandated that companies must maintain electrical installations and anything connected to the electrical supply to a safe standard.

All GES electricians are approved professionals that comply with government regulation so are able to perform the routine maintenance necessary to ensure that your company meets this legislation.

While this is vital for your business, having an electrical maintenance contract also provide some further benefits for your company including:

  • Predictability; No-one enjoys a nasty surprise, and routine maintenance can help you dramatically reduce the risks of you being taken unawares of an unpleasant situation.

    There is no need to panic because you missed PAT Testing or the periodic inspection for your company has elapsed because a member of staff is on leave or has left.

    This can all be planned into your budget and considered done.

  • Familiarity; An electrical maintenance contract can allow both parties to benefit from familiarity.

    When your company has established a close working relationship with GES, our electricians will quickly learn the intricacies of how your business operates and what systems are in place.

    This will reduce the time needed for fault finding and site visits, to benefit both parties.

  • Reliability; As an electrical maintenance contract customer, you enjoy a dedicated service for your business.

    Which ensures if an issue arrises they deal with it as a matter of priority, so you can have the reassurance and peace of mind of knowing it will cause minor disruption to your business.

Even small electrical faults can create big problems, particularly for businesses, but GES offer comprehensive electrical maintenance contracts to ensure that your business is always best protected.